Strategic Partners


Business Service Providers

Partnering with You for Maximum Client Efficiency

As a business service provider, you want to see your clients attain maximum growth, yet they need additional support. We work to position business owners so that they can more effectively work with you to improve internal cash flow and business profitability. We employ a targeted approach that helps business owners run their businesses with maximum efficiency.

The businesses we work with have strong partnerships with resources, such as payroll companies, insurance representatives, HR consultants, and IT Groups. We utilize a collaborative approach with those providers to help a business reach its full potential.

How Do We Work With You?

We partner with you to benefit your clients, working to:

Our Services

  • Business Planning
  • Business Foundation
  • Maximizing Cash Flow
  • Assessing operational efficiency
  • Improving internal accounting
  • Revenue and sales pipeline

What a CFO Can Do for Your Clients

A CFO is typically viewed through the bias of a financial lens. However, a CFO is an expert at business process and creatively seeking ways to optimize the company’s business processes to make them more effective and efficient. A CFO will challenge and question existing systems, seeking to manage processes in order to create the best possible outcomes.


Who We Serve


Companies turn to FocusCFO when they need strong, internal CFO-level support, but are not large enough to have a full-time CFO on staff. We typically work at the client’s office and become a key part of their management team.

Strategic Partners

We work to help you address your client’s unique financial needs from a CFO perspective, so that they may experience enhanced operations, improved cash flow, and increased revenue.

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