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Value Enhancement

Know the score.

As a business owner, you’ll face any number of financial decisions as you navigate growth and expand capabilities for your customers. But as the choices become more complex, how will you know if you’re leading your company down the right path for long-term financial health? Are you making financial decisions with the right information? And if not, what risk are you taking?

You don’t need to spend sleepless nights agonizing over these questions. What you need is a road map.

The Value Enhancement™ Business Risk Scorecard

To help business owners enhance their the value of their business, FocusCFO developed a Value Enhancement Business Risk Scorecard™ to provide businesses with a comprehensive assessment of their financial risk.

After meeting with your company’s key people and analyzing critical financial data and information, our CFOs will apply our Value Enhancement Risk Scorecard™ tool to calculate your company’s financial health in seven key business areas, including

  • Business planning
  • Creating personal wealth and value
  • Business foundation
  • Maximizing cash flow
  • Assessing operational efficiency
  • Internal accounting
  • Revenue and sales pipeline

You’ll then receive a comprehensive overview of your company’s risks and opportunities in each area, in other words—a strategic and value enhancement roadmap.

By illuminating these risks for you, the business owner, we can help you gain a clear grasp of your company’s financial health so you can make critical decisions with the best possible knowledge. Your Focus CFO will also work with you to apply what you’ve learned from the Value Enhancement Risk Scorecard™  to maximize value and minimize threats of your business.

Equipped with the Value Enhancement Risk Scorecard™, you’ll have the knowledge and data to manage risk effectively and make informed financial decisions to propel your business forward.