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Get back to your COAR

Many of the CFO services provided by FocusCFO help companies improve internal cash flow and business profitability. That’s because we employ a targeted approach in helping business owners run their businesses with maximum efficiency.

As a professional CFO services firm, FocusCFO teaches business owners how to manage the Four Key Systems used by successful businesses across the world: Cash flow, Operations, Accounting and Revenue (COAR℠). To drive improvements in internal cash flow and profitability companywide, companies need visibility in each of these areas.

We FOCUS on your COAR

At FocusCFO, we work with clients from a wide range of industries and situations.  Our services are customized from our standard permanent part time solution for small and medium size companies in industries ranging from construction and manufacturing companies to not-for-profits and everything in between, to project- based and interim solutions for private equity firms and larger companies. We know every business needs diverse CFO services and solutions. They also need financial systems that can grow and change as they do.

Maybe your retail business needs better systems to keep track of daily inventory levels. Or your construction business needs help staying organized when you’re trying to keep up with short deadlines for high-pressure projects. By hiring FocusCFO as your professional CFO services firm, you’ll learn how to master your COAR℠ systems and make them work for you in the ways you need them to.

Our CFOs offer a wealth of financial experience as well as third-party objectivity, allowing them to identify money and timesaving alternatives for business owners they may not have considered. After studying your business COAR℠ systems and processes, your dedicated CFO will help you develop tools to optimize your efficiency so you can improve financial performance, drive operations and execute for the people who rely on you – your customers.

Are your COAR℠ business systems contributing to your company’s success? Find out how outsourced CFO services are helping other companies in your industry maximize cash flow and drive efficiencies.