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At FocusCFO, our mission is to be a partner and mentor to our clients in all aspects of strategic and financial management. Our emphasis is all aspects of strategic decision making and planning with an emphasis on maximizing internal cash flow from operations.  We do this by providing tools, analysis and resources to our clients in the areas of revenue, margin and working capital.  With the creation of a “Cash Flow Machine”, our clients have opportunities and flexibility not otherwise available to help the business and the business owner meet their goals and objectives.

When companies utilize internal cash flow as the primary means for financing day-to-day business activities, they are healthier and more efficient. And as a result, they’re able to use outside financing to fund expansion and growth initiatives for the future.

Your complete CFO solution

With CFO services from FocusCFO, you’ll get a dedicated CFO to help you tackle the financial and strategic issues that affect your business in a way that’s efficient and cost effective for you, the business owner.

FocusCFO takes a balanced approach to our outsourced CFO services, focusing on the Four COAR℠ business systems: cash flow, operations, accounting and revenue. By supplying businesses with the right tools in each of these areas, we empower them to make an impact on their short-term and big picture financial goals. As a member of your management team, your Focus CFO will work closely with you, your team members and your key financial advisors to provide CFO services in the following areas:

  • Driving internal CASH FLOW by actively managing working capital and improving product and service line profitability
  • Providing regular OPERATIONS reporting, focusing on key performance indicators and operating data
  • Ensuring all internal ACCOUNTING and management reporting is timely and accurate
  • Establishing tools to measure and manage REVENUE, pipeline and backlog
  • Improving the flow of financial and other information between your business and its banker, CPA and other key advisors
  • Developing ongoing forecasting, planning and analysis tools in key business areas

Clearly, every company’s financial management consulting and execution needs are unique. With FocusCFO, you’ll have access to our professional CFO services only when you require them — whether it’s two or three days a week or just a few hours a week.

Maybe you are growing to the point where you just can’t do it all yourself.  Maybe you need someone to talk through the day-today issues or assist with developing key information to help you manage your business. Maybe your company is going through a tough time financially, and you require almost daily assistance as you work with investors and lenders. Our goal is to ensure you get the ongoing support you need to succeed at the best possible value.

Get back to your COAR. Find out what savings contract CFO services can add for your business.

What’s the difference between a CFO and a CPA?

Although many CFOs are CPAs (certified public accountants), CPAs are not CFOs.

CPAs tend to spend most of their time on accounting and the historical numbers for a business. A CFO plays a much bigger role in the broad business aspects than does an accounting.

While a CPA will usually spend 90% of their time on accounting and 10% on broader matter, with a CFO it is the opposite – 10% on accounting and 90% on business matters.

CFOs spend their time on revenue strategies, profitability enhancement and cash flow while an accountant  often handles bookkeeping, closing the books and taxes. As a member of the management team, a CFO must keep track of the company’s day-to-day financial operations while contributing to any number of financial projects and tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, working with the production team or project managers on ways to increase profitability, supporting the sales and marketing teams, helping raise capital, managing internal cash flow, coordinating with a company’s key financial advisors and supporting the short and long-term strategic planning for the company.

At FocusCFO, our experienced CFOs provide these and a spectrum of other CFO services fulfilled by a full-time CFO, at a fraction of the cost.