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Scott Lee | CFO | Columbus

Scott Lee Scott brings over 25 years of financial and operational experience, specializing in customer service, distribution, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, real estate and software industries. Scott brings executive management and leadership experience and has held positions (Controller/CFO) for small, medium, and large international corporations. Scott and his wife Erie Jane live in Dublin, OH.

Before FocusCFO

Scott previously worked as a CFO, VP of Finance, Director of Finance and other senior-level positions in private and public organizations. Scott was sole principal for a private consulting practice specializing in accounting software and process improvements.

Scott is currently pursuing his MBA from Franklin University, received Advanced Accounting degree from San Diego State University, and BSBA from The Ohio State University majoring in Production and Operations Management. Scott is also certified in the use of Microsoft Dynamics software.


Other Interests

  • Spending time: With family/friends, traveling, golf and learning.
  • Favorite books: Detective mysteries.
  • Favorite thing about being with FocusCFO: Helping clients grow and achieve their goals.
  • Passionate about: Helping people by any means possible.
  • Something most people don’t know about me: Finished High School after junior year and then graduated from Ohio State in 3 years.

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