Sharon Magee | Director, Marketing and Business Dev Support

Sharon loves helping organizations tell their unique stories about services, products and causes. She has 25+ years of experience in marketing and communications for non-profit and for-profit organizations including market development, campaign and tradeshow management and organizational communications. Sharon and her husband Marshall live in Dublin, OH.

Before FocusCFO

Sharon has worked as a consultant for companies in Georgia, New York and Ohio, including Honeywell, CNN and the Weather Channel. She was the executive director of a non-profit corporation and has held several positions in the high-tech industry, including at CompuServe/AOL.
Sharon received her B.A. in Communications from The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.


Other Interests

• Favorite thing to do: I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening and reading.
• Favorite musical artist: Santana
• Favorite vacation: South America and Falkland Islands to see the penguins.
• Passionate about: I’m passionate about travel, having visited 47 states and 32 countries.