Peter Geise | Area President | CEPA

Peter is an accomplished business executive with over 30 years of experience leading both domestic and international businesses, from Fortune 100 companies to small, family-owned enterprises. He’s passionate about creative problem solving and big-picture thinking, and he prides himself on having a reputation of unquestionable integrity. Peter lives in Copley, Ohio with his wife, Patty.

Client Experience and Value

Client Experience and Value

Peter Geise joins Judy Bodenhamer of the Client Experience Group on the Shed a Little Light podcast to answer the question, “Does client experience create real financial value for businesses?”

CEPA Designation Peter Geise

CEPA Designation Peter Geise

Congratulations to Peter for completing the Exit Planning Institute’s Certified Exit Planning Advisor program and exam.

Klein Pharmacy Testimonial

Klein Pharmacy Testimonial

Peter Geise and Barry Klein speak about fractional CFO services and how they’ve benefited Klein Pharmacy. 9/11/20

Before FocusCFO

Peter previously worked for Monsanto Rubber Chemicals and Instruments in Akron, OH. His career with Monsanto included a three-year assignment in Brazil as a Division Manager and he was a member of a divestiture team that transitioned a $600M division to Bayer Corp. There, Peter served as GM of Bayer’s Film Division. He’s also worked as a President and COO for a small, family owned plastics processor and most recently managed his own consulting practice with a focus on strategic planning, business improvement and Board governance. Peter co-founded and launched a non-profit company focused on addressing the ‘skills gap’. Peter received an AB degree in physical science from Colgate University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management. Peter earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate.


Other Interests

  • Favorite ways to spend time: with wife and 2 daughters
  • Favorite activities: Softball, golf, hiking, bicycling, cooking and drinking wine
  • Favorite Movie: “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “Waking Ned Devine”
  • Favorite Music: smooth jazz, Queen
  • Favorite Vacation: hiking in the Tetons
  • Favorite thing about FocusCFO: helping small businesses thrive and reach their goals
  • Passionate about: connecting the worlds of business and education


Why did you join FocusCFO?

FocusCFO allows one to be autonomous and have flexibility while sharing our experience and expertise to help drive economic vitality for small and medium sized businesses.


What do you like best about working with FocusCFO?

Its great to be able to make a difference in our communities by helping small and medium sized businesses, the life-blood of most communities, thrive financially and operationally.


Peter Geise is accredited as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) by the Exit Planning Institute.

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