Michael Stier | Area President | Director, New Market Development | CEPA

Michael Stier is a hands-on C-level executive and entrepreneur with a 35+ year track record of growing companies to scalable and profitable stages, with an industry focus at the intersection of technology and financial services (banking, wealth & asset management). He brings a broad base of expertise across functional areas to guide partners in strategy, entrepreneurship, financial management, M&A, operations / processes / KPIs, data intensive services, and business development.

All Hands 2021 Award Winners

All Hands 2021 Award Winners

Congratulations to these Associates for their recent award at the FocusCFO All Hands meeting.

Before FocusCFO

Michael was the founder & CEO of Adhesion Wealth, an industry disrupting Fintech platform (B2B SaaS) business focused on investment services, customer intelligence and content distribution to client firms nationwide. Over 18 years Michael and his management team grew the business to $13 Billion in managed assets, raising three rounds of private equity financing along the way. In late 2018, Michael completed a successful strategic sale of the business.


Other Interests

* Favorite vacation: Touring/ hiking the Greek Isles. Beautiful!

* Favorite movie: The Godfather series, based on # of quotes I use

* Something most people don’t know about you:  Got caught in the middle of a military coup

* Favorite activities: Tennis, hiking, coaching, home projects


What attracted you to FocusCFO?

I have passion for building businesses. One of the aspects I really enjoyed with my prior business was building consulting relationships with the owners of the many small to mid size firms we served, understanding their unique business models & objectives, and providing guidance with growth and scalability. With FocusCFO I saw the opportunity to rekindle that same passion and enjoyment. To develop relationships with business owners and help them achieve their financial objectives.


Michael Stier is accredited as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) by the Exit Planning Institute.

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