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Joe Ferri | CFO

Joe is results-driven leader with extensive experience helping organizations innovate and implement viable solutions to scale business growth. He is a dynamic consultant with proven success supporting firms in the real estate and manufacturing industries. Joe is an accomplished strategic planner who conducts detailed operational and industry trend analysis, and then transforms complex data into strategies to achieve business objectives.

Before FocusCFO

Prior to working with Focus CFO, Joe worked in both the private equity and commercial real estate space. He has recently worked in the Columbus area for White Oak Partners and Edwards Communities. He also founded an accounting and tax firm that specializes in working with small businesses.

Other Interests

  • What is your favorite way to spend time? Time with family! Traveling and seeing new places.
  • What is your favorite vacation? Rome. Amazing history and fantastic food.
  • What are your favourite activities? Skiing, golf and cooking are hobbies of mine.


Why did you join FocusCFO?

I’m most excited to help businesses grow and achieve their goals. To see the passion business owners have as they work toward their objectives is inspiring. To play a part in their success is very rewarding.

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