Process & Services

Process & Services

We provide CFO-level support to small and medium-sized businesses, ranging
from pre-revenue up to $100 million annually. Many of our clients have revenues
between $2 and $6 million. We become a part of your team, whether you need our
services for a few hours a month or several days a week.

FocusCFO is able to take a critical look at what is holding your business back (from a financial perspective) and then work collaboratively with the management team to strengthen the organization to help it improve profitability and create structure to ensure long-term success.

We create more efficient ways for companies to generate cash flow and plan for future growth.

Getting Started With FocusCFO
The Initial

Every company has a unique
financial story. Our first
priority is simple: find out
what your goals are.

Your Complimentary
Half-Day Assessment

We will spend a half day in your office,
speaking to your management team
and determining what type of support
your business needs.

Crafting a Customized

We will discuss our
recommendations and develop
a plan that meets your business
and personal goals.

Providing The Time And Information For Business Success

We become a part of your team, allocating time to focus on the critical systems of your business while supplying information that can be leveraged to run your business proactively, not reactively. This ongoing support is managed within the scope of your financial and management needs, as we accelerate the growth of your business.

The Details
Process & Services

Discovery & Assessment

For your initial meeting, we’ll send one of our top people to your office to talk to you about your company. We’ll assess what is successful for your business and provide a comprehensive overview of your company’s risks and opportunities.

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How We Add Value

We understand you’d rather focus your time and energy on acquiring and retaining profitable customers. You’ll be matched with a dedicated CFO to manage the three key areas of your business: cash flow, reducing business risk, and scalable growth.

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Process & Systems

Many of our services help companies improve internal cash flow and profitability. Our targeted approach helps business owners operate with maximum efficiency.

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Collaborating With Your CPA

We work in all phases of the business, concentrating on coordination, communication, and orientation to achieve a desired goal.

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Succession and Exit

Every entrepreneur should have an exit plan, yet many exit their companies without one, which can create costly complications. Leaving your company should be as well-planned as starting and building your business.

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