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In manufacturing organizations, understanding all the components of a product’s bill of materials, such as labor, material cost and fixed and variable overhead, is vital to the profitability of the manufacturer. Investments in inventory and fixed assets are sizeable; therefore, returns on investment need to be sufficient to support the appropriate capital structure and bank financing.

These are just a few areas where companies can benefit from outsourced CFO consulting services.

When you partner with FocusCFO, you’ll receive professional CFO solutions and services to run your projects and business more efficiently. Drilling down into your current systems, your Focus CFO will help you streamline your critical reporting and monitoring functions and optimize your COAR℠ systems – cash flow, operations, accounting and revenue – freeing you up to focus on what’s next.

You’ll also get CFO solutions customized to the financial issues that matter to your company and industry. For example, do you have essential controls in place to monitor inventory and measure production efficiencies? Do you run your business with daily or weekly key-performance indicators, which allow you to monitor your profitability and cash flow?

Find out how FocusCFO’s outsourced CFO solutions can add value to your business. Contact us to set up your free consultation.