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Current Openings

Here you will find various openings in the regions where we operate.
We are continually updating this list, so please check back often.

Area President

FocusCFO is currently looking for candidates in the following areas:

We are rapidly expanding and are looking for Area Presidents to join us in a number of markets. Each Area President will lead a local team of 3 – 10 CFOs to support a client base of small and medium size businesses in their geographic area.

Area Presidents are naturally entrepreneurial and are connected to a strong network of referral partners in your area, including bankers, CPAs, attorneys, and business advisors. Successful Area Presidents tend to fit the following profile:


  • Looking for balance between professional, family and personal interests.
  • Either a successful entrepreneur who has managed and exited their business, or a successful professional who has supported entrepreneurial business owners throughout their career.
  • Financially secure but looking for a new challenge.
  • Want to leave a legacy and help others be successful by working with entrepreneurs and help them succeed.
  • Wired for networking, especially with bankers, attorneys, CPAs and other trusted business advisors.
  • At least 25 years business experience with a desire to work for at least 10 or more years.

Those who are a good fit will recognize it immediately. This is not a traditional W2 opportunity, so those with a W2 mentality or a lack of entrepreneurial drive and spirit should not inquire.

Who we are: FocusCFO is the largest CFO Services Company in our market, focused exclusively on providing recurring, flexible CFO services to small and medium size enterprises. FocusCFO provides recurring outsourced CFO services to small and medium sized businesses.

What we do: Our CFOs work on-site with our clients, usually 4-8 hours per week or every other week. They become a key part of the company’s management team. We are not project, interim or temporary services oriented.

Who we serve: The target client for CFO services is a business or organization with revenues between $2 million and $30 million, although some are smaller and some are larger. As an example, in Ohio, there are somewhere around 38,000+ businesses which meet this criteria.


FocusCFO is currently looking for candidates in the following areas:

Is this you? You have 25+ years of management level experience and have reached a point in your career where you have achieved success. Now, rather than a traditional, corporate W-2 job, you are looking for FREEDOM and CONTROL…..FREEDOM over your schedule and work-life balance….and CONTROL over your day-to-day activities and your lifestyle to focus on the things that matter most.

CFOs at FocusCFO become part of a locally based, regional team, which is led by a full time entrepreneurial business development person (called an Area President). We have a strong, team-oriented, client acquisition process. We DO NOT simply give you some training and send you out to find your own clients.

CFOs can work on a long term, recurring basis with 4-8 small to medium size businesses. Our clients usually have revenues in the $2 to $20 million range. You have flexibility to set your own schedule.  All client support is local, and overnight travel is not required. We DO NOT do project or interim work and our services are long term and recurring in nature.

Being part of FocusCFO is a nontraditional opportunity. If you are at the right place in your career, it is exactly what you are looking for. We are not looking for individuals with a W-2 mentality who are looking for a traditional corporate job.

CFOs that have the most success being part of FocusCFO

  • Have experience and are comfortable working with entrepreneurial and closely held business in the $2M to $20M annual revenue range.
  • Have the expertise and ability to help clients maximize cash flow and profitability and to provide insight into where they are making money and where they are not.
  • Are great listeners and exceptional communicators to develop long term relationships as trusted advisors with our clients.
  • Enjoy working with business owners who value your experience/expertise.
  • Are lifetime learners, with a continuing desire to expand their skills and grow.

Skills need to be considered

  • 25+ years of senior management and significant CFO-level experience.
  • Great interpersonal skills and ability to work directly with business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • The ability to communicate in an articulate and open manner.
  • Know how to add value and have the confidence to inspire others and bring about positive change.
  • Experience working with entrepreneurs/businesses under $30 million in sales is very helpful.