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John Vogelpohl | CFO | Columbus

JohnVogelpohl_web2John has more than 40 years’ management and leadership experience in his own business as well as in others’ businesses. He has extensive experience in strategic and tactical thinking; he helps businesses with short, medium, and long-term tactics—to behave consistently to accomplish long-term strategic goals.

Before FocusCFO

John previously worked in nearly every role in public accounting, first with a large local firm which merged into a national firm, and later founding his own firm which grew substantially and eventually merged with a “Top 100” regional firm. He was a client relationship manager and also managed the largest of 13 offices office in the system during his tenure. His primary client role was devoted to the construction industry where he led the firm-wide Construction Specialty Group as a “Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional.” His main interest was in providing “profit enhancement services” across a broad spectrum of industries.

John’s ability to understand businesses in their most basic pieces, and understand which factors drove others and how they all mesh, allows him to communicate complex ideas to owners, help develop KPIs and critical concepts, and innovate in the production of the required information to facilitate this thinking and understanding.

John received a Credentialed Mediator’s Degree after two years of study at Capital University Law School (2010–2012) and a BS in Accounting from Franklin University after studying American History for three years at The Ohio State University. John and his wife, Donna, live in Hilliard, Ohio.


Other Interests

  • Spending time with my wife, daughter, and granddaughter and family—which includes plenty of “adopted family.”
  • Favorite Books: Anything by John Steinbeck, Graham Greene, Kurt Vonnegut, Amy Tan, James Michener.
  • Favorite Musical Artist: Hands-down, it’s James Taylor.
  • Favorite Movie: Harvey
  • Favorite Vacation: Three busy weeks in Europe visiting several of my Exchange Daughters. Extensive world travel.
  • What I wanted to be when I was a child: a forest ranger
  • Favorite thing about being with FocusCFO: Nothing beats being on a team, helping hard-working folks to be successful.

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