We’re excited to unveil our new brand identity and website. After months of development, we believe that these new materials better position our organization to expand our impact, in addition to giving a visual representation to the work we do and the impact we have on small and medium-sized businesses.

At the center of the campaign is our new website, which is optimized for various digital platforms and designed to increase search rankings. Among the features of our new website:


  • WEB DESIGN: We created a front-end design for the new website, which educates users about our services. The new website is user-friendly and is also compatible with different mobile and tablet devices, making our website accessible on virtually any device
  • TECHNOLOGY: In addition to a new look, our website also contains a blog, where we will showcase the work we do for our clients, in addition to showcasing results, events, and news.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Our social media platforms are integrated throughout the site, generating awareness of our services and encouraging conversation.
  • SEO STRATEGY: Our new website offers a more SEO-optimized experience, which will boost search rankings, allowing potential new clients and employees to find us.

We’ve also redesigned our social media platforms, handouts, presentations, and other marketing materials, so that everything has a consistent look. We’re so proud of this new branding and we hope you like it, too. Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.


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