How We Operate


Process & Systems

Following The Value Pyramid ProcessSM, we utilize a balanced approach that helps businesses take their organizations into the future. We work closely with you, helping business owners make the critical decisions that will ultimately provide a clear vision for growth.

We focus on the four business systems that indicate financial health: cash flow, operations, internal accounting, and revenue. By having tools in place in each of these areas, businesses can operate at their highest level, maximizing internal cash flow from operations.

We create more efficient ways for companies to generate cash flow and plan for future growth.

How We Work With You to Optimize Your Business’ Efficiency

Cash Flow

We drive internal cash flow by actively managing working capital and improving product and service line profitability.


We assist in developing tools to measure and manage revenue, pipeline, and backlog.



We dive deeply into your operations and analyze profitability, providing regular operations reporting, focusing on key performance indicators and critical operating data.


We work with your internal team to ensure that all internal accounting and management reporting is timely and accurate.


Process & Services

How We Add Value

We understand you’d rather focus your time and energy on acquiring and retaining profitable customers. You’ll be matched with a dedicated CFO to manage the three key areas of your business: cash flow, reducing business risk, and scalable growth.

Exit, Transition, and Succession

Every entrepreneur should have an exit plan, yet many exit their companies without one, which can create costly complications. Leaving your company should be as well-planned as starting and building your business.

Getting Started

For your initial meeting, we’ll send one of our top people to your office to talk to you about your company. We’ll assess what is successful for your business and provide a comprehensive overview of your company’s risks and opportunities.

Collaborating With Your CPA

We work in all phases of the business, concentrating on coordination, communication, and orientation to achieve a desired goal.

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