How We Add Value


How We Add Value

As you navigate your business’s growth and expand your capabilities, the financial choices you need to make will become increasingly complex. Let us team with you to simplify those decisions and help your company attain long-term fiscal health.

The Value Pyramid ProcessSM

Your Journey to Long-Term Financial Health

Our goal is to work with you throughout every stage of your journey as a business owner, helping you achieve long-term financial viability and sustainability.

Our CFOs have extensive experience in a variety of industries and have an average of at least 20 – 25 years of experience as a CFO or senior financial executive.

Climb the Mountain®

To help enhance your business’s value, we have developed The Value Pyramid ProcessSM to help you climb the mountain that every business owner faces. The four-stage process includes Foundation, Health, Growth and Value®. We will use various tools to help you and your company navigate through these levels, including assessing:

  • Systems and processes
  • Structure and accountability
  • Planning and strategy
  • Cash flow and profitability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Business risk
  • Revenue and sales pipeline
  • Succession and exit options

By focusing on the three drivers of business value – maximizing cash flow, reducing business risk, and creating a platform for scalable growth – we can help you stake the steps necessary to maximizing the value of your business.


1. Internal Accounting and Administration
  • Cleaned up internal accounting system
  • Internal processes that work
  • Timely monthly closing and strong internal financial reports
  • Help with insurance policies, employee benefits
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Coordination with your banker and CPA


2. Cash Flow, Finance, and Operations
  • Ongoing operating forecasts and budgets
  • Understanding operating costs/profit margins
  • Meaningful weekly metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Strong bank agreement and management of your banking relationship
  • Forward-looking cash flow projections with cash flow break even analysis


3. Revenue and Strategy
  • Profitability by customer and product line
  • Healthy sales platform
  • Sales growth strategy and pipeline forecasting
  • Well documented vision, mission, values
  • Mid- to longer-term cash flow-based financial projections
  • Business goals, SWOT, and strategic plan


4. Continue to Run, Succession, or Exit
  • Defined owner goals, options, and path forward
  • Healthy, growing company with real value
  • Strong internal management team and great systems
  • Team of advisors to help with your goals
  • Higher business valuation/multiple
    Business owner is in control

Process & Services

Getting Started

For your initial meeting, we’ll send one of our top people to your office to talk to you about your company. We’ll assess what is successful for your business and provide a comprehensive overview of your company’s risks and opportunities.

Exit, Transition, and Succession

Every entrepreneur should have an exit plan, yet many exit their companies without one, which can create costly complications. Leaving your company should be as well-planned as starting and building your business.

How We Operate

Many of our services help companies improve internal cash flow and profitability. Our targeted approach helps business owners operate with maximum efficiency.

Collaborating With Your CPA

We work in all phases of the business, concentrating on coordination, communication, and orientation to achieve a desired goal.

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