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Getting Started

When FocusCFO partners with businesses, our objective is twofold. First, we provide you with time to concentrate on what is critical to your business, giving back hours in the workweek so you can get back to what you do best: your core business. Second, we deliver the information you need to run your business proactively and efficiently.

It starts with a three-step process.

Step one – Your initial one-hour consultation

Give us 60 minutes.  You may be surprised at what can happen.

Every company has a unique financial story. So when businesses reach out to us, they may have one or many reasons for doing so. Our first goal is simple: find out what your reasons are.

With the initial consultation, we’ll send one of our top people to your office to talk to you about your company. This usually takes 60 minutes. Rather than come in with a checklist and tell you what you should do, we’ll talk about your business by finding out that is working and what is not.  We often ask a lot of open-ended questions.  We want to begin to determine things like: What have the last few years been like? What keeps you up at night? And, most importantly, how is your business performing from a cash-flow standpoint?

During this first visit, our goal isn’t so much to talk as it is to listen, finding out what matters to you, the business owner. That way we can begin getting a feel for the critical issues and opportunities inside of your business.

Step two – A free half-day assessment

After the initial consultation, FocusCFO will qualify your company’s business and determine if there is a good fit to move forward. The next step is to arrange a follow-up meeting, where we can conduct a more detailed assessment of your business. This includes bringing one of our highly experienced CFOs  to meet with you and your team for a half-day visit to your offices.

We will talk to you as well as each of your department heads about the biggest issues in your business. We’ll also find out what support each group needs to be able to do its jobs most effectively.

Step three – Receive your customized solution

After spending time with you and your team, we are now beginning to really understand your business and the issues and opportunities you face. At the end of the assessment, we’ll deliver to you a series of suggestions on how working with a CFO can help you improve your business. These recommendations don’t come from a checklist, but from a professional CFO with a deep understanding of business and industry; including what it takes to succeed and what traps to avoid.

As we walk through our recommendations, we can now talk with you about how to begin to implement these recommendations, what it will take to dive deeper into issues and develop a plan to help you meet your business and personal goals.

Using our SAVE℠ Business Risk Scorecard, we’ll can also give you an overview of your company’s financial risk in the critical business areas based on our analysis of your overall financial health.

At this point, your designated CFO can work with you to develop a schedule of CFO consulting services customized around your financial goals and requirements. Keep in mind, as we move forward, we work on site and as part of your team. We also don’t send in a swat team to overwhelm you with people and requests for time or information.  We don’t just call in to talk to you or leave you a report. We live in the trenches with you.

Moving forward

As you begin to work with us, you and your CFO have begun to establish a regular schedule for us to be on-site at your office. You will find that when we are there, we work with everyone on your team. Often we don’t take all that much of your time as the business owner. We know how busy you are.  We jump in and get deeply involved in all of the key areas – operations, production, sales, and accounting.  The schedule may be a few hours a day or a few days a week.

We customize our services around your needs, your time and your budget. Our CFO professionals will work with you on whatever schedule you decide, helping you make sense of your company’s finances and take steps to optimize cash flow using our COAR℠ business systems. Within the first 30 days, you’ll not only have a clear financial roadmap, you’ll be on your way to your destination.

Contact us to get started with your free one-hour consultation.