Getting Started


Getting Started

Our goal is to work with you throughout every stage of your journey as a business owner, guiding you in all aspects of operations and financial management. We will work with you to achieve long-term financial viability and sustainability.

We are The CFO Company.®

Creating a Financial Road Map

Look Down the Road Ahead

The future growth of your business is built on your present success. There is always room for improvement.

Begin With the End in Mind

What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to prepare for a sale, grow, or get acquired?

Where Are You Now?

Your vision tells you where you’re going, but your cash flow will determine if you can make it there.


Getting Started

When FocusCFO works with businesses, our objective is twofold. First, we provide you with time to concentrate on what is critical, helping you to focus on running your core business. Second, we deliver the information you need to run your business proactively and efficiently.

It starts with a three-step process.

Step One

The initial conversation

Our first priority is simple: find out what your goals are. We often ask a lot of open-ended questions and want to find out more about your pain points and aspirations. We listen more than we talk because we want to find out what matters to you as a business owner.

Step Two

Your complimentary half-day assessment

After the initial consultation, we will arrange a follow-up meeting, where we will conduct a more detailed assessment of your business. We will talk to you about your biggest issues and analyze your current strategies and goals.

Step Three

Crafting a customized solution

At the end of the assessment, we will discuss our recommendations on how working with a CFO can help you improve your business. We will outline for you some areas of initial emphasis in our Value Pyramid ProcessSM focusing on improvements in the Foundation, Health, Growth and Value® levels and developing a plan to meet your business and personal goals.


Moving Forward

Schedule your no-cost strategy session today.

Request a complimentary analysis with one of our CFOs to assess your business’s financial health.


Process & Services

How We Add Value

We understand you’d rather focus your time and energy on acquiring and retaining profitable customers. You’ll be matched with a dedicated CFO to manage the three key areas of your business: cash flow, reducing business risk, and scalable growth.

Exit, Transition, and Succession

Every entrepreneur should have an exit plan, yet many exit their companies without one, which can create costly complications. Leaving your company should be as well-planned as starting and building your business.

How We Operate

Many of our services help companies improve internal cash flow and profitability. Our targeted approach helps business owners operate with maximum efficiency.

Collaborating With Your CPA

We work in all phases of the business, concentrating on coordination, communication, and orientation to achieve a desired goal.

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