Client Experience and Value

Does the Client Experience Create Real Financial Value for a Business?

Peter Geise on the Client Experience Group Podcast

FocusCFO’s Peter Geise sits down with Judy Bodenhamer of the Client Experience Group for the latest episode of their podcast, Shed a Little Light. Judy taps into Peter’s strong financial background to journey into the financial realities of investing in Client Experience (CX) initiatives, and if CX can create tangible value for a business.

Together, we explore how businesses can:

  • Learn how a financial professional sees the Client Experience (CX)
  • Get smart about how a focus on CX can improve the enterprise value of a business
  • Understand the tangible benefits of investing the time and effort to enhance CX
  • Better appreciate the importance of how CX can impact the ultimate transition of a business

Judy Bodenhamer is the Managing Director and Founder of the Client Experience Group™. She has committed her career to inspiring businesses, organizations, and individuals to achieve accelerated levels of success.

Peter Geise is FocusCFO Area President representing the Akron area. Peter is an accomplished business executive with over 30 years of experience and a passion for sharing his knowledge with small and mid-sized businesses.

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In the Loop: A Conversation with Michael Stier

In the Loop

A Conversation with Michael Stier on the Charlotte Area Chamber’s Podcast

FocusCFO’s Michael Stier sat down with Dianne Chase and Michael Orzech for In the Loop, the Charlotte Chamber’s Podcast to chat about taking your business to the next level of growth.

In this 20 minute episode the trio covers a range of great questions like:

  • What are the key indicators that your business is ready for a CFO?
  • Can you afford a CFO?
  • What exactly does a CFO do?
  • How does a fractional CFO work with your COO and existing company culture?
  • How a fractional CFO can help your business reach the next level of growth and achieve sustainable, transferrable value.

Michael Stier is a FocusCFO Area President for the Carolinas and Director of Market Development. He has hands-on C-level executive and entrepreneur with a 35+ year track record of growing companies to scalable and profitable stages, with an industry focus at the intersection of technology and financial services (banking, wealth & asset management). He brings a broad base of expertise across functional areas to guide partners in strategy, entrepreneurship, financial management, M&A, operations / processes / KPIs, data-intensive services, and business development.

Dianne Chase is President and CEO of Chase Media. She is An award winning media, journalism and strategic communications professional with profound expertise in various communication disciplines, most notably crisis communication. Ms. Chase is also an experienced issues and reputation management consultant, media trainer, presenter, and writer.

Michael Orzech is the co-founder and COO of Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce. The Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce believes a strong, vital community goes hand-in-hand with a strong, vital business environment. By offering a variety of outstanding business programs, the Charlotte Area Chamber is dedicated to providing something for everyone. Learn More

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Julie Payovich

Welcome Julie Payovich

Welcome to the Team!


Julie has over 30 years of executive financial management and leadership experience in both US and international markets. Throughout her career she has helped small to medium size companies expand their business, launch new products, manufacturing products, set up cashflow management and implement business improvements. Julie also has had experience in working with both Asian and European markets for product development, product distribution and manufacturing.

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An Introduction to Supply Chain Metrics & KPIs

An Introduction to Supply Chain Metrics & KPIs


This article, from business software provider NetSuite, lays out a Comprehensive Guide to Supply Chain Metrics, including 22 top supply chain metrics and KPIS and the formulas to calculate them.

At FocusCFO, our CFOs work closely with owners and management teams to evaluate whether the right metrics are being collected an analyzed in order to monitor the health of the supply chain and know whether investments are paying off.

Focus CFO Guide to Supply Chain Metrics and KPIs

What Are Supply Chain Metrics?

Supply chain metrics are the numbers and ratios a company tracks to measure how efficiently it delivers goods to customers. Keys to efficiency in supply chain execution include how well and cost-effectively companies drive the flow of materials from procurement to delivery, including activities like production, warehousing, and transportation.

The right metrics shed light on where to invest to achieve maximum returns.

Key Takeaway

  • It’s vital to employ metrics and KPIs to assess how your entire business is performing, including it’s supply chain.
  • Important KPIs for finance include cash-to-cash cycle times and gross margin return on investments.
  • Inventory turnover ratios and inventory velocity are two central gauges of how well your company manages its intake and outflow of goods.
  • A central KPI dashboard accessible to all stakeholders helps leaders stay on the same page and prioritize resources.

Supply chain leaders are constantly seeking an edge—they know that even a modest technical or process improvement, multiplied on the scale of modern supplier networks, can pay huge competitive and cost-saving dividends.

Because there are many metrics that can add value, it is advisable for companies to divide supply chain KPIs into tiers based on functions. Your CFO can help you decide on a bucket of top metrics that are most important to the business and watch some lower-tier KPIs occasionally.

The NetSuite Guide outlines 22 top supply chain metrics and KPIs, provide the formulas to calculate them, and discuss how dashboards can help track the success of your improvements and updates.

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Use of On-Demand Execs is a Growing Trend | Indianapolis Business Journal

Use of On-Demand Execs Becomes a Growing Trend

Indianapolis Business Journal


Gary DeThomas, FocusCFO’s Indianapolis Area President contributed to a recent Indianapolis Business Journal article on the growing market for “on-demand” executives

Logistics Support FocusCFO

An Excerpt from the Article:

…Another benefit, DeThomas said, is that a fractional executive brings an outsider’s perspective and can sometimes elicit feedback that employees might be reluctant to express to their in-house leadership.

FocusCFO provides long-term, embedded fractional financial executives. Clients span a variety of industries, including manufacturing, advertising, health care, real estate and others. 

DeThomas said the fractional concept can work for a variety of executive roles, and FocusCFO has connected clients with other fractional-work firms to find non-CFO executives. “Once [client firms] taste it, they say, ‘This is really good. This is helping me. Where else could I do it?'”

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Welcome Tom Kerns

Welcome Tom Kerns

Welcome to the Team!


Tom has over 30 years of experience in finance roles, including working directly with entrepreneurs. His focus has been on the forward-looking areas of finance such as strategic planning, forecasting, financing, and M&A. His experience includes high growth and distressed situations as well as stable businesses looking for incremental improvement.

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