Expand Your Professional Life


“For finance professionals with the right strategic and soft skills to step into a company and immediately start steering the financial ship, the work offers a range of benefits.”

-CFO Brew, August 2022

Transitioning from a traditional career as a financial executive to a fractional CFO can bring unexpected benefits, as highlighted by a recent CFO Brew article. 

  • Greater impact – the fractional CFO model makes C-level financial strategy and expertise accessible to businesses that may not have been able to afford (or need) a full-time CFO. FocusCFO associate Pat Lang adds, “Do you want to work in a space where you can really help the entrepreneur? There is so much opportunity to make a significant impact and see that, compared with a larger corporation where it can be a little bit more of a grind.”
  • Greater Flexibility – Fractional CFOs, especially in firms like FocusCFO, have control over their schedule, availability, and even their client roster, leading to a better work-life alignment. 
  • Opportunity to Broaden and Diversify Experience – Rather than being dedicated to one client full time, fractional CFOs can take on a small, but diverse, client roster to work closely with. This provides a robust experience for CFOs and opportunities for continual learning and growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about how transitioning from a traditional finance career to a fractional CFO role can benefit your career, reach out.

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