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About FocusCFO


Our dedicated CFOs become part of a client’s senior management team, helping to manage the three key business areas: cash flow, reducing business risk, and scalable growth. We provide customized solutions to business challenges and minimize time spent on administration.

How Are We Different From Other CFO Service Providers?

We have found that when people think of a CFO, there are four varying levels of CFO support. Our services fall into the Fractional Category.

  • Full-Time: Permanent, onsite employee with full-time salary and benefits. Strategic, but sometimes confused with controller support
  • Project/Interim: Often five days per week and temporary in nature
  • Fractional: Usually onsite two to eight days per month. Same value as Full-Time. Geared towards companies $2 to $30 million in sales or larger
  • Outsourced: Remote support. Often done by CPA firms or virtual CFO groups with a heavy emphasis on traditional accounting

Our CFOs average 20 – 25 years of experience, many having previously served in a CEO or COO capacity. They work directly with clients to help them meet their goals and ensure the financial health of the business. The relationships we form with our clients allow their investments to be very moderate relative to the cost of a full-time CFO.

When Does a Business Need a CFO?

We believe that once businesses get to a certain size, there is a real need for a CFO. However, there are other indicators that a business needs CFO-level support, including:

  • Cash flow issues
  • Lack of timely financials
  • Struggling with growth
  • Difficulty getting loans approved
  • Concerns about profitability
  • Thinking about transition or succession

We Believe in the Potential of Each Client


We are overwhelmingly supportive and personalized in our approach to our customers’ needs, and we work to gain their trust. We are passionate about helping them gain the knowledge needed to optimize utilization of limited resources.


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