Welcome Michael Stier

Welcome Michael Stier

Welcome to the Team!

Michael Stier is a hands-on C-level executive and entrepreneur with a 35+ year track record of growing companies to scalable and profitable stages, with an industry focus at the intersection of technology and financial services (banking, wealth & asset management). He brings a broad base of expertise across functional areas to guide partners in strategy, entrepreneurship, financial management, M&A, operations / processes / KPIs, data intensive services, and business development.


Keeping Track of Cashflow Mitch Willis

Keeping Track of Cashflow

by  Mitch Willis of FocusCFO

You Keep Track of Your Kids…
But Do You Keep Track of Your Cash?

Kids are at the top of the list in your personal life, and cash tops the list for your business. When it comes to your kids, like your cash, no news is good news but, when news happens, it is can be bad…unless you have prepared for it.

We prepare our kids by teaching them good values and being good examples so that when they are faced with one of life’s dilemma, they are prepared and make good decisions considering the circumstances.

What about your business cash? A business owner who insures cash flow be monitored and forecasted based on varying scenarios of what might happen, is prepared for those dilemmas. This is the business owner who has a good relationship with his banker and does not make last minute panic calls 2 days before payroll is due. That is not to say that the prepared business owner does not have unexpected needs that come up such as expansion needs, sales fluctuations, and industry or environmental conditions. They proceed, however, from a proactive position rather than a reactionary position, avoiding the cash flow scramble. 

As a business owner… 

1. Do you know how much cash is needed week to week? 

2. Do you know how sensitive cash flow is to changes in sales demand, receivables collections and inventory levels? 

3. Do you plan for capital acquisitions, understanding their net effect on receipts and investments? 

Contact me for a copy of the Cash Flow Forecaster I have created that you can use to see how your cash is flowing. FocusCFO offers a no-fee assessment to discuss how we can help you maximize your company’s value…and be prepared for when life happens.