Covid-19 Pandemic Resources and Tools 2020

These are uncharted times for our clients and other privately-held businesses across the nation. Below are resources for you as we navigate this crisis together. We will update this page as we identify additional resources. Please reach out if we can answer a question or be of service to you. We want to help. UPDATED 04/20/2020

Helpful Articles and Resources

  1. Mark Clower and Jim Collins: Roadmap to Recovery Webinar, May 2020
  2. Peter Geise and Brad Martyn on webinar: A Practical Guide to Helping Business Owners Navigate the Storm, April 21, 2020
  3. Employment Law Compliance Issues for Employers Responding to Covid-19
  4. Restarting or Ramping Up A Business After Covid-19
  5. Expert Tips on Cyber Security for a Remote Workforce
  6. 10 Questions for CFOs on Taxes and Covid-19
  7. Fintech Companies Processing PPP
  8. Covid-19: What You Need to Know for Your Business – Webinar
  9. A Practical Guide to Helping Business Owners Navigate the Storm – Webinar
  10. Covid-19 Employee Retention Tax Credit Guidance by US Chamber – PDF
  11. Talent and Liquidity Managing Through Covid-19 – WSJ/Deloitte
  12. Covid-19 HR Guidance for Employers from MRA
  13. FocusCFO’s Cobb and Matukaitus on Cash Flow – Webinar
  14. Guidance on Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) – PDF
  15. ADP Covid-19 FAQ – PDF
  16. LinkedIn Learning – Tips for Working Remotely
  17. Covid-19 State Regulatory Tracker – PDF
  18. Helping Clients Prepare & Respond to Public Health from USI
  19. Forbes Small Business Relief Tracker
  20. A CEO Plan for Coronavirus: Actions to Take Now – Bain & Company
  21. US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Resources for Surviving Coronavirus
  22. How to protect your small business in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, CNBC
  23. Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019
  24. ADP Covid-19 Preparedness
  25. ADP Resiliency Plan Factsheet
  26. IBISWorld – Coronavirus
  27. Pandemic Planning for Small Businesses 2020
  28. Small Business Association of Michigan
  29. How to Navigate the Coronavirus – Wall Street Journal

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