Wordwrite Testimonial

Wordwrite Testimonial – Randy Feger

“Long before the whole world was thinking about viruses and social distancing, WordWrite made the smart decision to engage FocusCFO to help our fast-growing company reach the next level in financial performance. We’re confident, thanks to FocusCFO principal Randy Feger and the phenomenal FocusCFO team and resources, that we’ll achieve our goal in the future. When this year changed dramatically because of COVID-19, Randy and FocusCFO were immediately our go-to resources to manage through the financial aspects of this crisis. With Randy’s help, we successfully applied for and earned the government loan support we needed to ensure that, when this crisis is over, we get back on our growth track. I can’t say enough about the fantastic experiences, skills and talent that Randy and the FocusCFO team bring to the table. I not only highly recommend FocusCFO; I consider it an essential foundation in the success of our company.”

Paul Furiga, President and Chief Storyteller, Wordwrite, Pittsburgh, PA