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At FocusCFO, we understand there is no “one size fits all” in the business world.

Financial challenges, big or small, simple and complex, are unique to every company and industry. Because there’s no one model for success, businesses require customized solutions.

As an Ohio-based professional CFO services practice, FocusCFO offers a flexible and affordable alternative for businesses throughout Ohio that need access to high-level financial expertise but don’t want to hire a full-time CFO.

When you utilize our outsourced CFO services, you’ll get a dedicated CFO: someone to assist you with today’s financial challenges while helping you develop tools for tomorrow’s success. We work within your budget and timeline so as you’re making better financial decisions for the future, you’re also saving for it.

WHY IT WORKS… Our professional CFO services practice gives companies the financial expertise they need when and how they need it. Whether your need be a permanent part time CFO to help you on a long term basis, or a project or interim CFO to help with a specific assignment, FocusCFO can help.  You set the hours — so you control your costs. Learn more…

HOW IT WORKS… After an initial qualification meeting, FocusCFO will schedule a free half-day consultation with you and your team at your offices. During this visit, we’ll ask critical questions about your business to find out your financial pain points, challenges and opportunities. Learn more…

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